We really value comments and feedback about our site and love to hear from people who feel the site is useful and has offered support.  If you’d like to leave a comment then please do so in the contact us section.  The International Staff website has featured on the Times Higher Education website and University Business magazine have also published an article about the website (please turn to pages 44/45 of the edition).  Here’s what others have said about the site:

“Since its launch the website has had a positive impact on staff perceptions at the University of Leeds and it has received extremely positive feedback …. This site will benefit UK HE in general by showcasing the excellence and diversity of the sector.”

HR Director, University of Leeds

“I think your site looks fascinating in particular the way it is bought to life through the use of video.”

Director, Subject Centre C-SAP

The Universities Personnel Association (APU) is very supportive of the site as “a practical way of improving the information and help available to existing and potential international staff across the HE sector”.

“The induction of international staff into the UK HE sector is an important issue for many of us …. staff and their partners need fast track entry to a whole range of resources to ensure that they can settle in and be effective and happy in their new roles. The site developed at the University of Leeds is a wonderful resource.”

Academic at Queen Mary, University of London

“Approximately one-third of new academic staff at Durham are now coming from overseas …. there is a particular need to offer guidance about UK higher education …. I think that this site is a very important initiative.”

Academic at Durham University

“….both prospective and current international staff, and indeed those seeking to support international staff, will have access to an extremely valuable resource.”

Karen Bush, Policy and Projects Officer, Equality and Diversity Unit, Human Resources, University of Essex  

“The website for international staff already developed by Chris and colleagues has been extremely successful: attracting high praise from individual academics …. Judging from our experience here at Leeds, the fully developed resource will benefit both applicants and institutions, ensuring that the highest quality international scholars and teachers are recruited and retained in the UK.”

PVC L&T, University of Leeds

“The appropriate and considered selection and application of technology demonstrates how the team had worked with the intended users, understood their needs and identified solutions, an approach that is sadly lacking in many ICT initiatives across the sector. The pervasiveness of the project should also be applauded, I have travelled to many institutions and been told that I should look at the IS website as a model for building communities.”  JISC Executive

“The site has been most useful and something I need.”

International member of staff from Spain

“Thanks for the valuable guide given on the web. I am finding it very useful.”

International member of staff from Nigeria

“My family and I wish to thank you for helping us. The site is very useful.”

International member of staff from Iran

“The site made it very easy for us to choose accommodation. Thank you.”

International member of staff from Italy

“I have found this site as a huge source of very useful information.”

International member of staff from Poland