Making the decision to move to the UK to work in UK higher education can be a complex process with many things to consider.  There are three distinct ‘phases’:

Planning the move from your home country

If you are thinking about moving to the UK or are in the process of planning the move then please visit the pre-arrival section to find out more information on what you’ll need to bring and how you can prepare.

Your first few weeks in the UK

If you have recently moved to the UK please visit the arrival section for more information on essential information you will need to help you settle in to both home and work.

Living in the UK

The living in the UK section provides detailed information on general topics concerning life in the UK.  Here you can discover more information on a wide range of subjects including council tax, healthcare and laws and rules in the UK.

You may also be interested in sports and other recreational activities you can both watch and take part in.  The things to do section provides ideas and suggestions for activities and days out.