Education Systems

Education in the UK

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  1. Pre-university education and qualifications.
  2. Universities in the UK.
  3. The UCAS admission system.
  4. Degree classification.
  5. Students in the UK.
  6. Jobs in the UK.
  7. The academic year in the UK.
  8. Acronyms in the UK.
  9. Technology in higher education.
  10. International HE links.

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Education around the world

Working in UK higher education requires not only an understanding of how UK students move up the UK education system to arrive at university, but also how education systems are set up in other countries.  The UK has a very varied mix of UK-born and international students who have all arrived at UK universities with different qualifications.  The following links outline the education systems in other parts of the world and highlight the route some international students have taken to get their place within a UK university.

The British Council website hosts a series of country overviews showing information on a selection of countries around the globe.

The Alberta Human Services website features a number of international education guides.  Please visit the bottom of the page to download the country guide of your choice.  The guides are very comprehensive and particular attention could be focused on the ‘School Education’ sections.  There are international education guides for the following countries:

  • Nigeria.
  • Pakistan.
  • China.
  • Columbia.
  • India.
  • Korea.
  • Poland.
  • Philippines.
  • USSR and Russian Federation.
  • UK and Northern Ireland.